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Plot Edit

Series 1 (2012)

Josh Carter, is a 13 year old school boy at Elmsbury School. He dreams to be a rapper one day just like his older brother (Nathan). In the first ever episode he meets his rapping idol B-Mode. He often gets into trouble at his school and put into detention, otherwise known as the 4 O' Clock Club. His best friends are the nerd Ryan and Ash who is seen as stupid and always gets into trouble with the girls troublemaker Molly unlike Josh she chooses rules instead of breaking them and is waryed by Ryan, Zoe-Marie is is girly and talks fast hates teachers always goes on about having rights and Angness who is very kind and often tries to help Nathan and seems to have a stronger bond with the boys than Zoe and Molly.

On the first day of the new term, his brother has chosen to become his teacher and when his brother was at school, things were much worse than the problems dealt with today. As the episode goes on, he becomes more teacher material but then suddenly reflects on his life and tries to become the teacher who could connect with the children in the first place. This however works and fails at the same time. When young, Nathan, Josh's brother, wanted to be a rapper too but that failed for him and he teaches Josh how rapping could be successful for him.

Series 2 (2013)

Nathen Carter goes to Scotland and Dexter Harris takes over the 4 O' Clock Club and Josh's room which makes Josh go mad. Since Mr Byron had left for no reason the new headteacher Mr Bell (also known as Ding-Dong to the kids) takes his place and changes the school into Elmsbury Academy. He keeps bringing in new schemes and tries to send the rebelling kids to Fowlmere Manor another bad school which we would see in the next series. Nathan returns again in the last episode of the 2nd series. also introduces Angness's background and why she ends up in detention also introduces Mr Bell who is more stricter than Mr Byron and Dexter a new music teacher who takes over the 4 o clock club.

Also includes the final appearance of Mr Throne and was a enemy to Josh and Dexter

Series 3 (2014)

Series 3 aired on the 20th December 2013 with a Christmas special, that then started the main series on 2nd January 2014. In the Christmas special, Nathan proposed to miss Poppy, and their wedding was in episode two, where the school was set alight. Leaving Josh and the others to go to Fowlmere another rundown school like elmsbury then changing it to Elmsmere Ryan and Molly go to a different school. The series also introduces Nero the little cousin of Josh who also joins Elmsmere with him and the others the nerdy but kind Owen cheeky Eli who loves pranks fluer and eleesha who are best friends

It also includes the departures of Miss Poppy, Ryan Molly and Darius

The final main appearances of Josh, Zoe-Marie, Ash and Agnes they would return in series 4 for guest appearances. also Bebe Johnson leaves the series but is mentioned throughout series 4 Miss Andreas returns in the series 3 finale to take over Miss o Brien who is fired in the finale along with Miss Packwood who goes traveling.

Series 4 (2015)

The fourth series features Josh going to his new school and living nearer to Hillview, his new school. Nero is now in the main role and his crew have replaced Josh's old crew and are all moving on, with Isaac becoming Elmsmere's caretaker and Dexter is trying to make it as an acomplished teacher, but is given the new job of taking care of Nero's shenanigans.This resembles Josh and Nathan's relationship in the first series. The series also introduces two new characters Tomboyish and tough Clemintine Burton but known as Clem and Lizzie Baker a science teacher is often shy and uptight Dexter has a crush on her.

Series 5 (2016) Edit

All the characters from series 4 return with the exception of Mrs Carter who departs in episode 1 the series also introduces new characters a brand new head teacher Miss Goodman who replaces Miss Andres unlike Andreas she is more kind and trying to get rid of displine. Also introduces four new year sevens which includes Amber Baker the little sister of Miss Baker is very cheeky, is determined to fit in elmsmere Violet another year 7 girl is shown to be very sarcastic. Darnesh is the only boy in group is unlike Violet he isn't sarcastic is fun and also cheeky but enjoys food also there is Ingrid is the little sister of former pupil Zoe-Marie however often bullies the group like her sister she talks in a fast accent has a rivalry with Amber. The series also features that Dexter and Lizzie are dating in secret though Mr Nunn tries to hit on Lizzie Amber and others trying to fit in Elmsmere though being bullied by Ingrid at the same time and Nero discovering that he has a crush on Clem. Also features Zoe-Marie making two guest appearances in Leaving and Flower Also Ash makes a guest appearance in Hot tub.

Series 6 (2017) Edit

It takes place after the summer holidays with Nero And Clem (Cero) are finally item but break up at the end of episode 1 "Antenatal" as their just so the same. Jade Alleyece quits the show in episode 3 "Karaoke" with her and her family going with B mode on music career, the actress then went on to the Disney channel show "The Lodge". Episode 4 was" Baby" an 45 minute special about Lizzie finally having the twins. Episode 5 sets an new friendship for new character Polly who's been at elmsmere but haven't seen before. So Nero gets partnered up with Polly with a volcano project but refuses as she's heard all about Nero and his shenanigans at school but does later on giving him a chance. It all turns out fine in till Polly's volcano explodes leaving Nero & Polly covered in what was in the volcano and Polly storms off with Nero trying to catch up with her. Episode 6 sets life after "Baby" with Nero having enough of it and goes to live with Owen and his own space.

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