Agness Addo
Character Information
Nicknames: None
School(s): Elmsbury Academy (Formerly)
Elmsmere Manor (Formerly)
Occupation: Student
Friends: Zoe-Marie Ingham
Josh Carter
Ash Newman
Ryan Woods
Isaac Rodgers
Nero Johnson
Family: Louis Addo
Sidney Addo
Marcia Addo
Production Information
First Episode: Back to School (S1, Ep1)
Last Episode: Runaway (S4, Ep11)
Duration: S1-S3, S4
Played By: Sade Malone

Agness AddoEdit

  • Agness Addo (Sade Malone) - Agness is a pupil at Elmsbury High who shows a lighter tone in behavior and is always willing to help others, though still turns up in detention. In one episode, she is shown to having to leave school during the day to look after her younger siblings. She is shown to be super protective of everyone around her as an effect of having to care for her siblings. In the episode Runaway
  • Angess made her final regular appearance in Audition but returned for guest appearances.

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