Albert and Faraday Baker Harris
Albert and Faraday Baker-Harris
Character Information
Family: Dexter Harris (Father)
Lizzie Baker (Mother)
Mr Harris (Grandfather)
Lizzie's Mum (Grandmother)
Lizzie's Stepdad (Step-Grandfather)
Amber Baker (Aunt)
Nero Johnson (Uncle Figure)
Production Information
First Episode: Baby
Duration: 2017-
Played By: Uncredited

Albert and Faraday Baker-Harris are the twin sons of Elmsmere Manor teachers Dexter Harris and Lizzie Baker. Their aunt is Amber Baker, a pupil at Elmsmere and Nero Johnson is considered family, as Dexter is his guardian, as an uncle figure.

Character History

Series 6

Physical Appearance

The twins are mixed race and they have brown eyes and brown hair.


Its possible that they were first pitched as a boy and girl as Faraday is more of a girls names and in Rings a possible future shown during one of the raps shows a little girl and boy having a picnic with there parents