Albert and Faraday Baker Harris
Albert and Faraday Baker-Harris
Character Information
Family: Dexter Harris (Father)
Lizzie Baker (Mother)
Mr Harris (Grandfather)
Lizzie's Mum (Grandmother)
Lizzie's Stepdad (Step-Grandfather)
Amber Baker (Aunt)
Nero Johnson (Uncle Figure)
Production Information
First Episode: Baby
Duration: 2017-
Played By: Uncredited

Albert and Faraday Baker-Harris are the twin sons of Elmsmere Manor teachers Dexter Harris and Lizzie Baker. Their aunt is Amber Baker, a pupil at Elmsmere and Nero Johnson is considered family, as Dexter is his guardian, as an uncle figure.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 6Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

The twins are mixed race and they have brown eyes and brown hair.


Its possible that they were first pitched as a boy and girl as Faraday is more of a girls names and in Rings a possible future shown during one of the raps shows a little girl and boy having a picnic with there parents

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