Is a main character in the series who joins Elmsmere in series 5

About the character

Is a year seven has her own gang with Violet and Darnesh she is the only one in the group with a known background also is the leader

Character information Edit

Amber is the little sister of Lizzie Baker the science teacher at Elmsmere she made her first appearance in Leaving along with Violet, Ingrid, Darnesh and Miss Goodman she is shown to very cheeky she leads the group sometimes they get into detention

In her first appearance she arrives at Elmsmere with Violet and Darnesh they end up taking a shortcut to avoid her sister but end up being late for assembly but don't get into trouble however at lunchtime Amber nearly gets into trouble for throwing her lunch at Mr Bell she calls him something that Mr Bell doesn't like but Miss Baker notices and tries to get Mr Bell to not punish Amber and the others but they end up getting detention after Amber gets into trouble with her sister they end up going to a chicken restaurant with mr Bell instead of detention due to Miss Goodman new detention idea but learns never get a detention to avoid a day out with a teacher.

In Ferret she cheats in science test due to not revising however she ends up in a lunchtime science club to her dismay she then comes clean to her sister.

Is shown to have rivalries with Nero particularly in Babysitter when he has to look after her and her friends a lot of mishaps happen when he aicdently throws a bag of chips at someone and they all get banned from visitng there and nearly loses Amber and Violet when they were actually getting an ice cream but decides to go home with Amber and abandoning Crazy Golf with the others Amber covers up for Nero when Dexter and Lizzie return form teacher training day

In Flower Nero has to help Amber learn how to dance the polka after lying to Ingrid but ends up hurting Nero to make it worse they have to apologise in assembly in front of the students as they believe that Amber was fighting Nero. however Amber gets in a situation with Ingrid and Zoe Marie when she has to fight her Nero helps her but ends up injuring his wrist in the process but recovers.

In Antental Amber and her friends end up getting into trouble with mr Nunn in science as he was covering for Lizzie and have to clean his shoes they try to get someone stuck on roof to prove to him about static electricity Amber does it but ends up stuck on the wall

But has rivalries with Ingrid due to not seeing eye to eye.

Associated characters Violet - friend Darnesh - friend Lizzie baker - older sister Nero - frenemy Ingrid- enemy Dexter CJ Bell - friend


Name Amber Baker

Age 11 or 12

Personality Cheeky, funny, daring, tough not very girly, clever

Relatives Lizzie Baker Sister


Dad is known as Lizzie's step dad according to Amber they have different dads

  • friends Amber, Darnesh, CJ Nero sometimes
  • Enemies Ingrid
  • Likes jokes, tricks schemes chips her friends
  • Dislikes Football, being told what to do Ingrid

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