Is a character in 4 o clock club is one of the year sevens he appears in series 5.

Character profile

Is one of the year sevens is also the only boy in the group. like Violet he doesn't have a known background is shown to like food notably cheese and onion crisps

He arrives at Elmsmere along with Amber and Violet he wondered if a man was there with free jelly but Violet mentioned that his mum just said that to get him on the bus meaning they went on a bus to school and Darnesh complains saying his mum is sneaky he goes on a shortcut with Amber and Violet but ends up being late for assembly he is laid back. Unlike Violet he isn't sarcastic but funny and cheeky he is always up for some fun even if it leads to trouble.


Name Darnesh

Age 11 or 12

Personality Fun, Cheeky, Humours, laid back and carefree

Friends Amber and Violet

Enemies Ingrid Ingham

Likes Food, cheese and onion crisps wanting to be cool

Associated characters

Amber - friend

Violet - friend

Ingrid - enemy


  • is the only boy in the group