Eleesha Rahad
Eleesha Rahad
Character Information
School(s): Fowlmere Manor
Elmsmere Manor
Occupation: Pupil
Friends: Fleur Murphy
Clem Burton
Nero Johnson
Owen Garland
Eli Grant
Production Information
First Episode: Merger
Duration: 2014-
Played By: Grace McIntosh

Eleesha Rahad is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor. She is best friends with Fleur Murphy.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

She is introduced in series 3 along with fluer, Owen and Eli and unlike fluer Elesha seems more optmisc and positive she is very girly

Series 4Edit

Series 5

Physical AppearanceEdit

Eleesha has dark skin and brown eyes. Her hair is short and brown, typically worn in a ponytail with a headband. Eleesha also wears bright coloured, patterned leggings with her uniform.

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