Elmsmere Manor is a school that was formed when Elmsbury Academy and Fowlmere Manor merged after a fire at Elmsbury Academy.


Current PupilsEdit

Theo Westbrook naylot

  • Elesha Rahad
  • Fleur Murphy
  • Isobel Harlow
  • Amber Baker
  • Violet
  • Darnesh
  • Ingrid Ingham
  • Katie Jenkins
  • Polly Morgan
  • Chester Garland
  • CJ Bell

Former PupilsEdit

Other Pupils are minor pupils

  • Mary series 5 episode 8
  • Hopkins Series 4 episodes 3 and 8
  • Martin Thompson series 4 episodes 3 and 10
  • Carson series 4 episode 3


Current StaffEdit

Former StaffEdit


When Elmsbury Academy merged with Fowlmere Manor, the Elmsbury Academy pupils wore their Elmsbury Academy uniform and Fowlmere Manor pupils wore their existing uniform. All students wear a uniform similar to Fowlmere Manor's consisting of a green jumper with the school badge, a yellow polo shirt or a white or yellow shirt worn with a yellow and green striped tie, grey or black trousers or skirt.

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