Fleur Murphy is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor. She is best friends with Eleesha Rahad.

Character History

Series 3

She is introduced along with Eleesha, Owen and Eil in merger she wears a beige cardigan with her school uniform she is the smallest and also very chatty she also joined a boxing club with Eleesha which was actually for boys but got o Brien to let them in however they tried to quit

Series 4

Physical Appearance

Fleur has pale skin and blue eyes. Her hair is long and blonde.


Fleur is very cunning with attitude. She always has a positive attitude and she is a master at lies. Fleur is very pretty and she has two good friends . fleur is very confident most of the time when she speaks with other people. Also she is a brilliant singer. She sometimes gets detention but she is a good girl. She can be very giggly.