Fleur Murphy
Fleur Murphy
Character Information
School(s): Fowlmere Manor
Elmsmere Manor
Occupation: Pupil
Friends: Eleesha Rahad
Clem Burton
Nero Johnson
Owen Garland
Eli Grant
Production Information
First Episode: Merger
Duration: 2014-
Played By: Chloe Davison

Fleur Murphy is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor. She is best friends with Eleesha Rahad.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

She is introduced along with Eleesha, Owen and Eil in merger she wears a beige cardigan with her school uniform she is the smallest and also very chatty she also joined a boxing club with Eleesha which was actually for boys but got o Brien to let them in however they tried to quit

Series 4Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fleur has pale skin and blue eyes. Her hair is long and blonde.

Personality Edit

Fleur is very cunning with attitude. She always has a positive attitude and she is a master at lies. Fleur is very pretty and she has two good friends . fleur is very confident most of the time when she speaks with other people. Also she is a brilliant singer. She sometimes gets detention but she is a good girl. She can be very giggly.

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