Guest Characters are characters who aren't main or reccuring often appear in a few episodes usually many only appear in one.

Series one

B-Mode the brother of Nathan Carter and Josh and was more successful at rappping than Nathan. Is idolised by Josh. Appears in Episode 1 he returns in series six in episode three

Oliver a student a Elmsbury is shown to be very clever Josh uses him to his homework

Series 2

Dexters dad Dexter's father Dexter was keen to impress but ended up lying to him appears in episode 5

Series three

Series 4

Nathan Carter

Moses carter

Carson a student at elmsmere ran a club where Clem joined

Hopkins a student plays netball

Martin Thompson a student is shown to be tough Nero lied to him about the science show to him which resulted in him getting cross

Bryony a student at Clem's old school she is shown to be mean to Clem and speaks in a posh accent

Sister Dorothy - a PE teacher at Clem's old school

Sasha a student at elmsmere

Mad scientist a performer in the science show

Series 5

Shona a social worker vista Dexter's flat

Mary a student at elmsmere

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