Ingrid Ingham is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor. She is the younger sister of Zoe-Marie Ingham.

Her first appearance

Ingrid makes her first appearance in series 5. She joins Elmsmere along with Amber, Violet and Darnesh but bullies them and acuses them of being teachers best buds. She has her own group of friends and she is like her sister who talks quite fast.

All about Ingrid

Ingrid is like her sister. She talks fast but doesn't carry a handbag or let her hair loose. She often disapproves of Amber and her group. Her and Amber usually end up in competition with each other.

Physical Appearance

Ingrid's hair is dark brown and is typically worn in a messy bun. Ingrid wears an white leather jacket with her school uniform and a backpack.


Ingrid seems to be retcon into the series as her sister mentioned in "Fight" that she has a sister named Malica but it's unknown if that's an early version of Ingrid or a different character

Amber and Ingrid despite being enemy's have a lot in common: Their both troublemakers, Have a sibling who is or was at Elmsmere Manor, Zoe was a student and Lizzie is a teacher

Ingrid strangely gets left off for most trouble an example is: i"Date" when Dexter ran into her and she smacked him with her bag which should have landed her in possible exclusion as it's a high offence to attack teachers.