Melanie 'Mel' Poppy
Miss Poppy
Character Information
Nicknames: Mel
Occupation: Music Teacher at Elmsbury Academy
Friends: Nathan Carter
Dexter Harris
Family: Mrs Poppy (Mother)
Gary (Brother)
Nathan Carter (Husband)
Moses Carter (Son)
Liz Carter (Mother in law)
Josh Carter (Brother in law)
Bebe Johnson (Aunt in law)
Nero Johnson (Cousin in law)
Relationship(s): Married, mother
Production Information
First Episode: Back to School
Last Episode: Wedding
Duration: 2012-2014
Played By: Laura Aikman

Melanie Poppy was in the 4 O Clock Club and was the music teacher and Nathan Carter "Doc Brown" was in love with her and Josh Carter tries to help Nathan

Character HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mel has fair skin, blonde hair and brown eyes

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