Nero Johnson
Nero Johnson
Character Information
School(s): Elmsmere Manor
Occupation: Pupil
Friends: Owen Garland
Eli Grant
Eleesha Rahad
Fleur Murphy
Clem Burton
Amber Baker
Family: Dan Johnson (Father)
Bebe Johnson (Mother)
Dexter Harris (Guardian)
Liz Carter (Aunt)
Nathan Carter (Cousin)
Josh Carter (Cousin)
Melanie Poppy (Cousin in law)
Moses Carter (Cousin Once Removed) Clem Burton (Girlfriend)
Production Information
First Episode: Wedding
Duration: 2014-
Played By: Akai Osei

Nero Johnson is a pupil at Elmsmere Manor. He arrives for his cousin Nathan's wedding. He clashes with his other cousin, Josh, but Josh puts his differences with Nero aside when Josh realises that he is going through a tough time with his parents constantly arguing. Nero and his mother Bebe move in with his aunt Liz and Josh after the wedding. When Liz moves to Scotland to be with Nathan, Dexter Harris becomes his guardian.Nero also has a secret crush on Polly Morgan but always messes up his chances with her. In the episode funeral Nero helped Owen by getting him out of sports day and got her a comment on her record he tried to warn his amber baker and is lazy and cares about his mate's and he finds it ok with clem gone with her dream and often sometimes get his mate's an d him self into trouble and has unreliable parents who lie to him and do not contact him as much.

Character HistoryEdit

Nero used to have a huge crush on Clem Burton until she left soon after she reiceved her big break.In Series 6,Nero develops a crush on brainy Polly Morgan. But Polly has no interest in him so far in Series 6?

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nero has dark skin and dark brown eyes. His hair is always worn in corn rows.

Trivia Edit

In Series 4, Nero did what to impress Clem in episode 1 Ghost?

In Series 4, Nero played which character in the parody of Harry Potter?

In Series 4, What school for nuns did Clem once attend?

In Series 5, Who is the new Head teacher?

In Series 5, Nero has moved in with Dexter, and faces some issues in the process, what did Nero need to do for Dexter in episode 9, Babysitting.

In Series 5, What flower did the girls crush on the football field?

In Series 6, When did Nero ask out Clem?

Personality Edit

Nero can be very sneaky and cunning but he can also stick up for his friends. He is the leader out of his friends and has a funny - hard relationship with Clem. He likes being a troublemaker and likes impressing people and showing off his troublemaker skills. Sometimes his naughty behaviour can lead him and his friends in trouble. Sometimes he is schooled by Amber baker. He also is a good breackdanecr. Nero shows off to the girls to get attention.

Clem and Nero were enemies but on Valentines day he realized he actually likes her but he is too afraid to send her a card. On the last day of term, Nero gets the wrong idea and thinks Clem has already gotten a date to the dance. He asked Katie to the dance -A bossy know-it-all then he can't dump her because he thinks she only has two weeks to live and takes her to the dance out of pity. Both of their dates dump them and they spend the night together. On the first day of summer holiday he asked her out and they spent all summer together.But then broke up and clem went on tour with b-mode. Nero is sad about this because they would've been great together but he soon develops a crush on new character Polly.Edit

Dexter Edit

Currently, in season 5, Nero starts living with Dexter, though their relationship goes way back. Due to his unreliable parents and his aunt Liz moving to Scotland, Dexter is Nero's guardian.


Josh Is Nero's Older Cousin Who Attended Elmsbury Until The Fire Caused By Ash And Dexter

Which resulted both attending Fowlmere  later Elements they often didn't get on with each other

Amber - Nero and Amber often clash with each other, in flower Nero helps Amber when she has to deal with a big fight involving Zoe-Marie and Ingrid Nero defends her despite that he ends up injuring himself but doesn't blame Amber.

Polly A new girl Nero meets her when he moves a set in science.

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