After the end of summer holidays, school at Elmsbury resumes for the Carter brothers, but they discover that Byron has been replaced by Crispin Bell, the new headteacher, who has plans that could determine the fate of the 4 o'Clock Club and ultimately Elmsbury itself.


First appearance of Crispin Bell.

The School has undergone renovations since End of Term becoming much more modern and cleaner.

This is the first mention of Fowlmere Manor.

Josh's gang have all undergone slight puberty with slightly deeper voices (particurly josh)and new hair styles for Zoe Marie and Ryan

Molly has changed the most undergone a new gothic lifestyle much to the hate of Zoe-Marie.

This is the only episode of series 2 not to feature Dexter Harris as he debuts in the next episode.

This is technagily the first appearance of Isaac Rogers but this was before the charater was created as he is much like Josh in personality and has two friends resembling Ash and Ryan and he is only referred to as Fowlmere Josh in the credits.

Final appearance of the Elmsbury High School uniforms.

The theme song has now been changed to have Josh's new deep voice instead of his pre-teen voice.


Nobody knew that Mr Bell was taking over the school and was renovating but in real life both the teachers, parents and students would have to be informed about a major change in staff and building in a mouths notice.

Though the theme song was altered to accomodate Josh's deeper voice the credits still have the series 1 credits theme with his pre teen voice and it won't be altered until Camping.