Age: 13-14 (series 3)
!4-15 (series 4)

Owen Garland
is one of the main characters of the third and current fourth series of 4 o'Clock Club.

Owen is generally respectful, honest, intelligent, responsible and not particularly sporty. This leads to clashes with his friends, especially the dimwitted prankster Eli Grant and the popular Nero Johnson. He attends Elmsmere with his friends, Nero and Eli.

Personality Edit

Similar to former character Ryan Woods, Owen is slightly nerdy and kind (Not to mention intelligent), yet he remains unpopular. Through what is usually his friends intervention however, he still ends up in detention, mainly due to Nero's schemes and Eli's pranks. However, unlike Ryan, Owen is not often manipulated, mistreated and bullied by his peers.

Owen acts as the straight man and voice-of-reason to the gang, often telling them to stay out of trouble. But the gang always ignore his warnings, and often land themselves and Owen in complicated consequences. Despite this, Owen still hangs out with the gang, and exasperatedly assists them in their insensible and chaotic strategies.

Appearances Edit

Owen, along with Eli, Fleur, Eleisha and many other Fowlmere attendees, appeared in .Edit

Trivia Edit

In Series 4, he replaces Ryan Woods as a main character.

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