Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 17 February 2012
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Party is the sixth episode of the first series of CBBC's television series, 4 O'Clock Club, which was first broadcast on 17 February 2012.


Josh is having a party but he only wants Ash and Ryan but his friends invite the bunch of the school to his party.Nathan also brings over Miss Poppy to watch a french film as Nathan lied that his french is fluent.Also Mrs Carter(Leila) goes to a trip.Nathan also lied that he lives on his own. a whole cuffafale happened until Miss Poppy forgave him.


Nathan and Melanie relationship is beginning to take shape

The title of this episode will be reused years later for the 10 episode of series 4 but there plots will be completely different

This won't be the last time a party is held at the Carter residence