Polly 'Pol' Morgan is a fictional character from the 4OCC. She made her first appearance in Series 6, Episode 5, Volcano. Polly has a love-hate relationship with other student, Nero Johnson. Morgan is shown to be the smartest (and prettiest) girl at Elmsmere Manor.

Character History

Before coming to Elmsmere Manor, Polly recently attended posh school, St. Science, where she was bullied and abused for her smarts. Her mother, (the towns chemist) moved her to Elmsmere, where she was in the top set for Science. Her recurring friend is Nero Johnson, (and also hangs out with the main group: Nero, Eli, Owen, Fleur and Eleesha). She takes a fancy to Nero later on in the series, but it starts of as a "Love Hate" flirtation.She is also a bit stubborn towards Nero in the few episodes to come.