The third series of The 4 O'Clock Club was commissioned on April 19, 2013, with filming beginning, July 16, 2013 and ending August 2, 2013. The series was originally ordered for 50 episodes, making it the first series and possibly the first show on CBBC to have that amount of episodes. Kahlil Madovi announced this on his twitter page, but CBBC decided to reduce it to 13 episodes. Series 3 first premiered on CBBC on 20 December 2013, for its Christmas special, and ended 26 March 2014. The series was to air a new-year special, but it did not happen.

This series saw the return of regular cast members, Josh Carter, Ash Newman, Zoe-Marie Ingham, Ryan Woods (until episode 2), Molly Finnean (until episode 2), Agness Addo, Darius Phillips, Dexter Harris and Crispin Bell Both Nathan Carter and Melanie Poppy departured the series in episode 1 after they got married, as well as Ryan Woods and Molly Finnean who left the show in episode 2, after the two changed schools due to Elmsbury Academy burning to the ground thanks to Dexter Harris. Anita Andress also departured the series in episode 2, as she became the new head teacher at Ryan and Molly's school. She returned in episode 13 (Audition), to replace O'Brian as headteacher. New characters, Nero Johnson (Nero's Cousin), Eleesha Rahad, Eli Grant, Owen Garland, Fleur Murphy, Aine O'Brian, Issac Rodgers and Bebe Johnson (Nero's Mother).

Cast (Main) Edit

Recurring and Former Characters Edit

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