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is the sixth series it pemired in march it includes the departure of Clem who appeared in the series since series 4 the arrival of Polly, Chester and CJ Dexter and Lizzie have twins and Nero getting used to life without Clem.


Nero Johnson student

Dexter Harris music teacher and Guardian

Clem\Clemintine Burton until episode 3

Owen Garland student absent in episode 7

Eil Grant student

Fleur Murphy student

Elesha Rahad student

Amber Baker student and relative

Lizzie Baker science teacher and relative

Mr Bell Deputy head

Mr Nunn PE teacher

Miss Goodman head teacher

Violet student

Darnesh student

Ingrid Ingham student and realtive

Isaac Rodgers ex student Caretaker

Katie Jenkins student absent in episode 7

Polly Morgan student from episode 5

Chester Garland student from episode 5 absent in episode 7

CJ Bell student from episode 7

Recurring and main guest characters

Isobel Harlow student and student librarian episodes 1, 4, 6 and 7

Albert and Faraday Baker Harris babies episodes 4 and 6

Zoe Marie Ingham ex student, relative and hairdresser episode 1

Ash Newman ex student and Mechanic episode 1

Miss Higgins science teacher episodes 5 and 7

PC Rowe episodes 4 and TBA

Anastasia Mr Bells girlfriend episodes 1-3


  1. Antenatal
  2. Pass
  3. Karaoke final appearance of Clem
  4. Baby
  5. Volcano first appearance of Polly and Chester
  6. Rash
  7. Chair absent Owen, Katie and Chester first appearance of CJ
  8. Gig
  9. Funeral
  10. Flashmob

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