The seventh series started airing on the 24 January 2018. All the main characters from the previous series returned. Elmsmere Manor has had to move to a new building after Mrs Goodman accidentally let the old school get into debt. Polly is singing on the radio, unaware that she will be performing with The Splutters. Mr Bell convinces Mrs Goodman to take some time off.



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers [5]
79 1 "Boxes" Tim Hopewell Paul Rose 24 January 2018 TBD
Elmsmere Manor has moved to a new building after Mrs Goodman accidentally got the old school into debt causing it to be closed down. Mr Bell tries to support Mrs Goodman with it by telling her to take some time off. Meanwhile, everyone is stressing out about the move except Amber, Darnesh, Violet and Ingrid who decide to play games with the removal boxes. Polly has a solo on the radio with the school choir but little does she know that she will also be performing with The Splutters, the band who's concert she and Nero got kicked out of. When one of the Splutters sees Nero, she demands he stays away but when she hears Polly singing, she changes her mind...until Katie pushes Nero into the drum kit and breaks it. Ingrid thinks Darnesh has been squashed by a bin lorry when the box he was hiding in gets thrown in there, but he actually had just gone to the toilet. Despite breaking the drum kit, Nero is still determined to get his demo heard - the whole reason he joined the choir in the first place.
80 2 "Film[6]" TBA TBA 31 January 2018 TBD
Nero makes a film to celebrate the school - but his real plan is to make himself a star. Meanwhile, Polly's efforts to retake a geography test bring her into conflict with Mr Nunn.
81 3 "America[7]" TBA TBA 7 February 2018 TBD
Dexter and Lizzie have the chance to move to America, but how will they break it to Nero? And how will Nero break the news to his friends?


4 "Farewell" TBA TBA 14 February 2018 TBD
Nero's finally leaving Elmsmere, but how is Polly going to take losing her best friend? And will Dexter have second thoughts about going when he's introduced to his replacement?
83 5 "Mr Garland" TBA TBA 21 February 2018 TBD
Owen loves wearing his granddad's coat - until his look means he's mistaken for a teacher. And Amber and Violet try to avoid the list of stupid celebrations for Darnesh's birthday.
84 6 "Prank" TBA TBA 28 February 2018 TBD
There's a phantom prankster on the loose in school but if it's not Eli then who can it be? And Amber is determined to win a scooter in a school competition - whatever it takes.
85 7 "Tattoo" TBA TBA 7 March 2018 TBD
Polly can't wash off a fake tattoo. Can she get through the day without Bell discovering? Plus Ingrid gives a remarkable performance in a battle of the bands competition.