Is a character in 4 o clock club is one of the year sevens

Character profile Edit

Is a year seven girl she is in the little group with Amber and Darnesh. She doesn't have a known background

Is shown to be intelligent but has a dry sense of humour is the complete opposite of Amber

She made her first appearance in Leaving along with Amber, Darnesh, Ingrid and Miss Goodman she arrives at Elmsmere along with Amber and Darnesh she is shown to carry a school map with her but ends up taking a shortcut with the other two but end up being late for assembly. She gets involved with Amber's schemes but end up in detention

Associated characters Amber - friend Darnesh - friend Ingrid - enemy

She also dislikes Ingrid

Character profile

Name Violet

Age 11 or 12

First appearance Leaving

Personality Sarcastic, humourless not foolish witty intelligent presumably Cynical

Friends Amber and Darnesh

Enemies Ingrid and her friends

Likes Ice cream

Dislikes Football getting into trouble

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