Zoe-Marie Ingham is a character in the 4 o'clock Club who appears in almost every episode. In Series 1 she has long, blonde straight hair but her hair is shorter, curly and reddish-brown in Series 2, as shown in the episode New Term.In series 3 her hair becomes more dark blond It is assumed she has had lots of boyfriends as she said this quote:

"Why do I always get dumped." She talks like her little sister ingrid does.

She becomes a recurring character in series 4 but makes guest appearances also in series 5 as her little sister joins Elmsmere.

In the new series, she becomes Ashley Newman's fiancé and has a baby.


She along with Ash are the only character's from season 1 to appear in all seasons of the 4 o clock club.

She may be a possibly an atheist as she shown to hate Molly gothic lifestyle which is themed around religion.